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It was in 1971 that the history of Azienda Agricola Teresa Raiz began, in Italy’s northeast area, Friuli, magnificent heartland of white wines. With my oenology studies completed in Conegliano Veneto, I decided to give full vent to that passion which had excited me for years, the desire to produce premium wines. I was able, with humble gratitude, to take up the thread of a venerable family tradition, begun by Teresa Raiz, my maternal grandmother. She was the indirect inspiration for my passion, so much that our winery bears her name. The first vineyards were planted in 1972 on parcels in Marsure di Povoletto. I trained the vines to a fairly dense Guyot system. Even in those early years I was convinced that a dense vineyard layout of 5,000 vines per hectare would yield grapes of far better quality than could be obtained from layouts of about 1,700 vines, a traditional density in Friuli at that time.

Today Marsure comprises 13 hectares under vine, all in the Grave del Friuli DOC area, and the vineyard shows the area’s typical pebbly soils. There are two more hectares in Faedis and another five in Montina, both in Colli Orientali del Friuli area. Important advances in winemaking technology have taken place over the years, referring here largely to white wines: in 1985 I adopted a partially reductive fermentation, which then gave way in 2000 and later to a rigorously reductive process. This latter technique brought greater aromatic richness and longer wine life, results truly exciting. No less important was the realization of tanks, designed by us, to macerate white wines such as Sauvignon and Ribolla.

I consider Pinot Grigio an exceptional expression of our land and our terroir, so much that this wine represents an important part of our winery’s production. I will not forget Sauvignon Blanc’s aromas, which find in Friuli an important expression, and a red wine, Decano rosso, which has already achieved very good results.

In 2005 Azienda Agricola Teresa Raiz reached its 35th anniversary, and altered its ownership structure to comprise the entire family: my wife Paola and our two sons Alessandro and Riccardo. It is thanks to their invaluable contributions that I look at the future as even more exciting than what has already been.

Our wines are now appreciated and distributed in Belgium, England, Italy, the Philippines, Japan, Germany, the United States and Switzerland: this is the most prestigious award for our tenacious commitment.

As one who is in love with wine, I thank You for Your attention


Paolo Giuseppe Tosolini


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